Sergey Bachin
Chairman of the Board of Directors
The large-scale Three Volcanoes Park project raises the standards for arrangement of a diversified tourist and recreation cluster with «a clean slate» and provides a unique opportunity to use a positive tourist industry potential for stake-holders for sustainable development of the Kamchatka region.
For people and for nature

The Three Volcanoes Park will reopen Kamchatka for guests from all parts of Russia and from abroad.

Here the dream of journey to the world’s edge will come true, long-expected discoveries will be made; here the national countryman’s pride in the country will become stronger, from here the admired foreign guests will come back.

These will be facilitated due to the world level infrastructure, perfect service and bright color of the Three Volcanoes Park.

However, no one will ever have doubts that the travelers go to Kamchatka first of all in order to gain fascinating impressions from engagement with the powerful and diverse nature of this destination.

Thorough study and careful environment preservation throughout project implementation, provision of travelers with a capability to be aware of and to love the Kamchatka nature are the priority tasks of the Three Volcanoes Park team that will be completed in close cooperation with the professional environmental community.


The Three Volcanoes Park for the first time in the history of the Kamchatka Peninsula elicits its richest recreation potential at a proper high level offering a new approach to managed, comfortable and safe tourism in this incomparable destination.

The project team is unified with the belief that successful implementation of its positive potential will be ensured only due to respect for the Kamchatka natural property and close concern to the people impersonating its strong nature.

Integrated approach

The Three Volcanoes Park is brought together by the state and private investments in the large-scale tourist cluster project that includes a wide range of expedition, balneology, ski, mountain and cruise travel infrastructure facilities.

The basic transport and engineering infrastructure constructed as part of the Project will be used by the peninsula citizens and guests for a long time, and new versatile recreation facilities will ensure favorable environment for prosperity of the Kamchatka tourist destination.

Project planning and management will be arranged in order to ensure its progressive and sequential implementation supported by comprehensive assessment of the local conditions and for its balanced integration in the common sustainable development of the region.


Any business that starts with a clean slate is a large innovation by itself.

But to be satisfied only with this means to forget about abundance of opportunities scattered on the innovator’s way, make ultimate achievements, raise the standards, put into practice sustainable changes for the better, leave positive heritage for the future generations.

The project team inspired by the open investment opportunities intends to search and use the best available engineering and management solutions ensuring the maximum efficiency of the Three Volcanoes Park and its long-term positive effect in the economic, social and environmental sectors.

Partnership and cooperation

People will ensure successful implementation of the Three Volcanoes Park.

People will develop plans, find extraordinary engineering solutions, perform exhausting works at the construction site; people will meet arriving guests with a smile, will ensure comfort for the tired travelers, present the opportunity to open widely the eyes and hold breath been thrilled with long-expected and amazing engagement with Kamchatka.

People will be inspired and will inspire, put the heart and forces, leave the imprint and find joy in the success achieved by their hard work.

The Three Volcanoes Park Team is inspired by the opportunity to implement the project at Kamchatka land famed by strong and brave people.

We sincerely strive for cooperation with all those who are interested in sustainable tourism development in this glorious destination; we will always be opened for a dialog and will ensure conditions for trust partnership with stake-holders willing and capable to use the Project potential for the sake of the Kamchatka Krai.

The Three Volcano Park project fully supports and complies with the principles and goals of sustainable development declared by the UN.
The project contributes to the expansion of economic opportunities for the population of the Kamchatka territory, as well as support for local industries and markets. The project involves investments in transport, irrigation systems, energy supply, information and communication technologies. The Three Volcanoes Park supports and protects the ecosystems of Kamchatka for the use and further development of hydropower and bioenergy.
We create equal opportunities for people to find productive work regardless of gender, income level, or socio-economic status.
  • Cultural identity
  • Social inclusion
  • Civil rights
  • Energy efficiency
  • Incentives for use of natural resources
  • Business ethics
  • Fair trade
  • Worker’s benefits
  • Natural resource use
  • Environmental protection
  • Environmental justice
  • Global stewardship
  • Wealth creation
  • Property
  • Employment